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Auctions, 8.25.08

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Lets has a looks at the auction mechanics for this one, ya?

-High Bid. Most straightforward auction mechanic. Players bid higher and higher until no one is willing to pass the previous bid. The winning player then either pays the bank or the auctioning player.

-Low Bid. This works for a contract bidding system for completing a task. Players bid fewer and fewer resources until everyone else passes. The winning player takes the resources and the contract and tries to use the resources given to fulfill the contract. The caveat is if you bid too low, you may not be able to fill the contract and lose points instead of gain them.

-Reverse High Bid. This is for a game where having what is being auctioned is BAD. You deal out one fewer bad item than there are players and start the auction, keeping track of highest to lowest bid. Once everyone passes, the highest bid doesn’t take anything in exchange for paying the most money. The next highest bid chooses the bad item of their choice, etc. It creates the tension of whether money or victory is more important for that bid cycle.

-Shared Bid. This is more for games where everyone who bids will get something. Players may bid the same amount as another player, with ties being broken by who bid the amount first. This allows bidding order to fudge a bit; I may bid third in order, but I may still get second (or first) choice.

-Blind Bid. Everyone chooses how much they are willing/going to pay secretly and reveals simultaneously. This is a fairly fast playing mechanic, and might allow an auction into a game as chrome that might not otherwise fit thematically, such as an office spoof game. Players may try to woo the boss for some benefit by buying them a gift. The most expensive gifts get a bonus.

Keep on designing, yo!



Written by krinklechip

August 17, 2009 at 10:00 pm

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