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End Game Triggers, 8.26.08

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Today’s mechanic is another that is oft overlooked: end game triggers. They can be straightforward (Candyland), or allow random game length (Palazzo). Lets has a look…

-First to victory. In a game where is victory is a pre-set thing, such crossing the finish line in a race game, the game can end when one player wins. It is straightforward and can cause much jostling in close games. It can also be utilized as ‘first to X points’. When one player starts getting close to winning, there will usually be a desperate grab for points in an attempt to outdo the leader.  Good stuff.

-Set number of turns. When a set number of turns have passed, the game ends. This, coupled with limited actions during a player’s turn, can create serious tension. A set number of turns also helps keep play time down, as well.

-When ‘X’ happens. …’X’ being some event in the game; be it a player runs out of pieces, builds a big monument, etc. This end game trigger lends itself to variable game length well; as players will play different from one game to another.

-When no further actions are possible. Allow the players to continue until they can go no further. This lends itself more to games where actions involve placing pieces on the game board in some fashion. As space on the board runs out, so do available actions.

It looks like the end article trigger has hit… Keep on designing, yo!



Written by krinklechip

August 17, 2009 at 10:03 pm

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