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Solomon Draft 8.16.08

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Good morrow, peoples. For today, lets delve into a mechanic that was popularized by Magic the Gathering.  It’s called the Solomon Draft.  It can easily be adapted to an interesting form of resource distribution.

In a two player game, one player draws say, 6 cards, and places them face up on the table. The player who drew them then separates them into two piles however he wants. The other player then chooses the stack they want. As the player dividing up the cards, you can create some hard choices.

If only one good card is drawn, you can place it in its own pile with the other five ‘meh’ cards together. As the the choosing player, do you take the good card, or deny your opponent five cards?

This could easily be adapted to multiple players, as well. Just require one stack per player.

So there ya have it. … Why haven’t I used this mechanic yet?  It’s freaking awesome sauce! *Dash to the table to design away*

Keep designing, yo!



Written by krinklechip

August 17, 2009 at 9:30 pm

Posted in Game Design, Mechanics

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