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Variant Combat Dice 8.15.2008

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Here is the first Mechanic of the Day from August 15, 2008.

Here is a mechanic for perusal/thoughts/use/abuse by fellow designers. The idea is that it’ll stretch the mental muscles, and they may spur someone to design something awesome. And by awesome, I mean totally sweet.

The first mechanic of the day is going to be an Ameritrash-y one:  variant combat dice. In Axis and Allies, you roll D6s and hope to roll low, regardless of unit. Ho hum. But what if you had a target number for each unit, and a die type assigned based on weapon? For example, a squad of soldiers with AR-5s would roll D6s, while the
specialist with the RPG would roll a D10. A tank would roll (at least) a D12, and so forth. The better the weapon, the higher the target number it can hit.

You could also apply the same thing for morale checks based on training. An elite unit would roll D10s or D12s; while conscripts would likely roll D4s, MAYBE D6s.

So there you go. Whatcha people think? See ya tomorrow.

Keep on designing, yo!



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August 17, 2009 at 9:25 pm

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