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Actions, 9.29.08

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Onward to ACTION…s. Actions are the basis of most any standard Eurogame, fron Puerto Rico to Caylus. Here we go…

-Action Points. Players have an allotted amount of action points they may spend each round, with actions having an associated point cost. This is one of the standard action implementation schemes. In a waiter game, your action points could be spent on taking new orders, getting food from the back, checking on previously seated
tables, or aquiring new tables.

-Action Cards. Players have a hand of cards that dictates what actions they may take. Another standard of action implementation that typically has players choosing their action simultaneously. In a game with a set hand of Action Cards, the decision becomes when to use action ‘X’, with multiple players choosing the action potentially
having penalties. In a lighter empire game, the actions could be build, research, mine, scheme (courts), and attack. If two or more players choose, say mining, they must find some way to split the resources. If combined with Action Points, Action Cards are often ‘special actions’ that are drawn randomly and grant actions not normally available.

-‘X’ Actions. Players each have ‘X’ actions each turn. A variant of Action Points, ‘X’ Actions has a list of actions players can choose from; each with an equal cost. Want to mine for all your actions? Go nuts. Need to build a stinkload of doods? Spend your money and it is done. Games with this setup typically have 2-3 more actions available than players have actions, giving a feeling of ‘If I just had ONE more action…’.

-A or B. Players must choose between ‘X’ actions each turn. A variation of Action Cards, players have the same choices each turn to choose from; but instead of everyone choosing their action simultaneously, players choose their action on their turn. Commonly, this is a choice between moving, drawing cards or attacking (if
ameritrash). This does away with the need for a hand of Action Cards. Another way to use A or B is to have each action chosen not be available to anyone else that round. Do you take that much needed upgrade action, or do you take the build action to deny it to someone else?

I’ve spent … all but one action point this round. Shame is, everything takes at least two… DAMN!

Keep on designing, yo!



Written by krinklechip

August 18, 2009 at 2:35 am

Posted in Game Design, Mechanics

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