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Dice, 9.5.08

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I’ma trash it up today, as fair warning. Yup, you guessed it:  dice. D4, D8, D20… I loves ’em. Just don’t mistake them for cereal. Dice get a bad rap for being ‘random’ and ‘uncontrolled’. Both true. But, if used properly, it can provide good randomness to your game while saving on cardboard cost.

-Area Activation. The section of the board rolled is active/gets a bonus for the round. This kind of thing would encourage players to spread out a bit in order to get shiny bonuses for being in the right place. In a robot factory game, the section rolled could have machinery activated for the round. In a hunting game, that section of the board could be repopulated with some animals.

-Resource Generation. The resource designated on the dice is generated for the players. This is about as straightforward as it gets… It is here for purposes of completeness. As a twist, what if everything *except* what was rolled produced resources?

-Accessory Bonus. All accessories with the number rolled have a bonus for the round. Good for a fantasy adventure game or castle defense game. The party has toys that activate at different times… at the ‘whim of the gods’, ranging from combat bonuses to wonky stuff. For castle defense, that particular defense is armed and ready to use for the turn.

-Research. Roll dice to further research into new upgrades and advances. This is a classic empire game mechanic. Players choose where to put whatever research tokens with different numbers on what they want to research. Whenever a given number comes up, that tech advances closer to becoming available. You could even dump all your numbers into one or two spots… at a cost. Or, techs themselves with the given numbers advance when the number is rolled. That would be more chrome-y for that really hard to get tech having only one number advance its research track…
Keep on designing, yo!



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August 18, 2009 at 1:30 am

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