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Memory, 9.11.08

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A day of rememberance. Today’s mechanic is memory and how it can help make your games a bit more interesting. There are those who argue having something that is hidden once claimed by a player only favors those with superior memories. There are others who say it encourages players to pay attention on other players’ turns, so you roughly know what their score/resources/money is…

-Hidden Board Seeding. Players seed areas of the board with positive and negative cards face up. Once all cards are seeded, the cards for each given area are turned face down and shuffled together. As players enter/explore an area, cards are resolved from the seeded stacks, one at a time. This is more of a rough game of memory; you *know* you placed a really good card in spot X, but didn’t my opponent place something quite nasty, as well? In a pyramid
exploration game, players could seed treasures, extra items and traps to the board to discover and possibly be crushed by.

-Take and Hide. Players take a card/token/money, which is then turned face down. This is the most basic iteration of the memory mechanic. It encourages players to pay attention to everyone else’s turns, as to possibly offer a lucrative trade with them later or thwart their bold maneuverings. In a stock market game where owning a certain number of given stock gives you a bonus, the stocks bought by players could be kept secret after they are bought. This creates a tension of, ‘How close are they, again?’, and allows for surprise trades and declarations of the stock bonus.

Was there more I was going to type?  I’ll let you know if I remember…

Keep on designing, yo!



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August 18, 2009 at 1:54 am

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