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Team Play, 9.20.08

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Co-op-er-a-tion… makes it happen… co-op-er-a-tion, working together! (Dig it!) Today is about team play, working together to get things done. Of course, there is a spoiler every now and then (Shadows Over Camelot), and it need not even be all on the same team (Struggle of Empires). Lets look, shall we?

-Cooperative Play. All players are working together to overcome the challenges of the board. Everyone is working together toward a common goal, with everyone either winning or losing together. The challenge typically comes from a very angry board, limited actions for each player as the board gets progressively worse, or both. A good example is a disaster game where some unspeakable thing has happened and it is up to the players in different roles to save/evacuate citizens from a city before too many die.

-The Traitor. All players are working together to overcome the challenges of the board while one (or more) player attempts to help the board defeat the players in secret. This is a variant of Cooperative Play. While everyone else is trying to win, one player is trying to subvert everyone else’s efforts in secret. If the board wins, so does The Traitor. The trick while being The Traitor is keeping your subversion secret. It often helps if the game has some hidden way of performing actions. In a corporate game, one of the players could be an agent for a rival company hired for espionage and sabotage.

-Multiple Teams. Players are divided into two or more teams when the game begins, with each team competing with each other. A variant of Cooperative Play, Multiple Teams encourages players to to work together to beat their opponents; be it through resource sharing, allied attack, etc. An interesting twist could be like in Struggle of Empires, where just because you are on the same team does NOT mean you have to help each other… it could just mean you aren’t allowed to be aggressive toward each other at the very least. In a mafia game, alliances with other players could allow you to move through territory unimpeded, aid each other in fights and so forth.

There ya have it for today. And remember… Co-op-er-a-tion…makes it hap-pen… (bonus points to anyone who posts what that isfrom…)

Keep on designing, yo!



Written by krinklechip

August 18, 2009 at 2:28 am

Posted in Concepts, Game Design

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