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Voting, 9.26.08

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I motion that this Mechanic of the Day be about voting. Voting encourages player interaction in hopes of each player convincing the other players to vote their way. While not for every game (partly due to voting needing at least 4 players usually), it can add a kick to your game if used properly… and shouting matches.

-Victory Point Distribution. Players vote how victory points are distributed. Mostly for party games (Nanofictionary), this would be an interesting way to shake up scoring. With the caveat of not being able
to vote for yourself, it adds another level to cooper-tition. In a senate game, players could be trying to pass specific laws and legislation for themselves while working with everyone else. At the end of the round, the points available are based on what passed the floor; One player gets 5 points, one player gets 3 points, etc. as listed on each law.

-Rule Change. Players vote on whether a change to the core rules of the game is implemented. A staple of civ games, this allows the players to alter how the game is played by democratic choice. However, you may end up with a playerset that refuses to change the rules. To mitigate that, have an effect if it passes OR fails (TI3). In a kids’ camp game where the players are camp councellers, the rules changes could open up new parts of the board (new hiking trails) or make new actions become available (new kayaks for kayaking).

-Special Ability Assignment. Players vote for who should get a special action or ability. This one is especially good for causing cognitive suffering. Super-shiny Ability is drawn that everyone wants but only one player gets. How do you decide who gets it(aside from yourself)? In a Swiss Family Robinson-style game, Abilities could include
rationing more food for yourself (The Food Rationer), access to additional supplies (The Builder) and so on.

The motion has carried and has passed. I declare this Mechanic of the Day complete. Ajourned.

Keep on designing, yo!



Written by krinklechip

August 18, 2009 at 2:31 am

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