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Wagering, 8.19.09

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Wagering is commonly associated with press your luck style games and big swings of fortune.  That works well, but what about other types of games?  I’m betting you haven’t thought of these uses…

-Pick a bonus, any bonus.  Take a modern squad based tactical game.  Normally, you either want to roll high (or low) to hit your opponent, regardless of unit type.  Ho hum.  What if instead you had an ‘effect’ board that ties different bonuses to what number is rolled?  Each player would also have multiple tokens for each character that they could distribute on said board.  Want Super Effective damage?  Place your rocket launcher tokens on the bonus damage space.  Bonuses to range?  That would be the bonus accuracy space.  This kind of approach could make a war game potentially more approachable by the casual gamer.

-Actions.  Normally, players either get action points or everyone gets to do action X in a given round.  What if players had action points they could wager on what randomly determined actions they think will be available for the round?  An ‘Action Track’ would allow everyone to place their four or five action markers as they see fit amongst the possible actions.  REALLY need to build a lot?  Dump all your points into the ‘Build’ action and hope for the best.  Or you could spread your action points out to assure that you at least get to do something.

-Resource Generation.  A variant of the Action wager above, but refined to uncertain resource generation specifically.  Take an industrial game where you are gathering raw materials to build factories and such.  Each player can assign their resource gatherers as they wish to different mines; coal, iron ore, etc.  At the end of each turn, it is revealed how much resource each worker generates at each mine.  If you place five workers on the coal mine when 5 coal per miner is rewarded, you just made bank.  However, if it was only 1 coal per miner…

That’s all I’m willing to wager at this point.  Thanks for reading!

Keep on designing, yo!



Written by krinklechip

August 19, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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