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Design Experiment: Monopoly Without Money, 8.24.09

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Oio, peoples.  About once a week, I’ll post a ‘design experiment’ to further get our gears turning.  I’ll start it off with revisiting the one I posted to Board Game Geek awhile back.  You can visit the thread and see the ideas people had here.
What would Monopoly be without money? How would it work? Would it remain feasible as a concept in some other way, or would all of the required changes change it into something completely new?
Here’s my take…
Money is the driving force of Monopoly. Removing it makes Monopoly a fundamentally different game. Here are some other changes I’d pursue.

-Properties are no longer owned. No money means you couldn’t buy them, anyway.

-While we’re at it, let’s make it a space station instead of Atlantic City, NJ. Spaces represent different areas of the station.

–The board will probably need to shrunk down a bit, too. Combine each set of properties into a single space, remove the ‘Tax’ spaces and change Community Chest and Chance to ‘Security’stations, to a max of one Security Station per quadrant.

–The board should be round, too.

-Movement is no longer by die roll. You may choose which space you are moving to.

-Since it’s a space station and you have no money, the players’ roles are changed to down on their luck crew of a ship.

–The ship is docked, but is in dire need of repair.

–You are trying to get the ship fixed, stocked and disembarked without getting thrown in jail (or worse).

–There are several parts that are needed, some simple and others are hard to come by.

–Since you have no money, you’ll have to scrounge, barter or steal…

-Properties give different actions and parts. Actions range from trading resources, recruiting extra crew (in case someone is arrested/spaced/otherwise indisposed), stealing resources, fixing your ship, etc.

-Stealing starts to attract the attention of security which will start to patrol the station as a press your luck element.

-Potential ‘coopertition’ element if you make it that once the ship is fixed, it can disembark once it has a minimum crew even if the crew is partly met by ‘recruit’ cards while leaving your fellow players behind…

So what do you think?  What changes would you implement?

Keep on designin’ yo!


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August 24, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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